Development History

Established in 1958, ZMJ was initially subordinate to the Ministry of Coal until 1998 as it was transferred to Henan Provincial Government.

In 1958, Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Factory was established.

In 1962, ZMJ successfully manufactured a metal friction prop and had 2,700 pieces produced with the accumulative sales quantity of 1.54 million as of 1978.

In 1977, ZMJ’s products were exported to Albania. In 1980, ZMJ’s type HZJA metal friction prop was listed as one of the Henan quality products.

In 1964, ZMJ developed China's first self-advancing hydraulic support prototype according to Dobson model.

In 1979, through the collaboration with Beijing Coal Mining Office of China Coal Research Institute, ZMJ designed and produced type ZYZ shielding hydraulic roof support, which was then widely applied by coal companies like Xinmi, Yima and Fengfeng with immense benefits generated.

In 1984, ZMJ’s type ZY35 “Songshan” hydraulic support won the silver medal of National Quality Product Selection. It is not only China's first hydraulic support crowned with such honor, but also the country's biggest home-made hydraulic support put into mass production.

In 1984, The type FY2800/14/28 steep slope top coal caving hydraulic support developed by ZMJ for ultra-thick coal seam passed the ministerial appraisal, marking the beginning of China's mining operation on ultra-thick coal seam by longwall top coal caving method.

In 1985, ZMJ developed hydraulic support type PY400/17/35 which enables to lay bottom mesh and engage slice mining. It is known for the advantages including strong anti-torsion, structural stability, large button mash space, and auto mash-laying as well as its safe, time-conserving and labor-saving features.

In 1988, ZMJ developed type ZFD4000/17/30, a high-level top coal caving hydraulic support and related mining techniques. One year later, the support was appraised as China Top-notch Technology.

In 1989, the middle-level top coal caving hydraulic support designed and developed by ZMJ chalked up an annual output of 1 million tons for Yangquan Mining Bureau, which was later called “Yangquan Mode” by counterparts. It greatly boosted China's R&D on top coal mining techniques and equipment.

In 1994, the type ZZ7600/23/34 chock shields developed by ZMJ was exported to the PVK Coal Mine, Singreni Collieries in India. It was China's first longwall equipment package exported to other countries.

In 1996, the type ZYD3800/18/32 & type ZYD4000/18/32 high-level lemniscate top coal caving roof supports designed and manufactured by ZMJ were exported to the Eynez coal mine and Ömerler coal mine in Turkey and were proved to be much cost-effective in operation.

In 2001, on the request of Yanzhou Coal Mining Group, ZMJ designed and developed the type ZY6400/18/38 two-leg high-intensity shield hydraulic support. It represented the largest working resistance among all home-made products at the time, which was an important attempt to localize the reliable high-intensity hydraulic support.

In 2002, as a key project of China’s 10th Five-Year Plan, ZMJ’s type ZFS6800/18/35 hydraulic support was applied in Yanzhou Coal Mining Group, marking a critical breakthrough on top coal caving technology

In 2006, ZMJ was transformed into a state-controlled group corporation with 51% state-owned shares and 49% employee-owned shares.

In 2010, ZMJ was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange

In 2012, ZMJ was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the only dually-listed corporation within the industry.

In 2015, ZMJ started market-based professional managers recruiting & selecting.

In 2015, the state-owned shares of ZMJ were transferred to Henan Machinery Investment Group Co., LTD.

In 2016, ZMJ acquired ASIMCO Technologies as the first step into automotive parts manufacturing.

In 2017, ZMJ acquired SEG Automotive, becoming a world-leading automobile motor provider.

In 2018, ZMJ celebrated its 60th anniversary.

In 2019, ZMJ remained listed in China Machinery Industry 100 and Fortune China 500.

In 2019, ZMJ began to implement mid-and-long term equity ownership incentives.

In 2019, China President Xi Jinping visited ZMJ.

On April 2, 2020, ZMJ donated epidemic prevention materials to Spain.

On August 8, 2020, the program "dialogue" of CCTV financial channel broadcast "innovation under the changing situation".

September 17, 2020, Sesame Street 1958 Double Innovation Park Opening Ceremony.

In 2020, the complete intelligent project of Pingdingshan No. 2 coal mine will be put into use.

Complete a new round of mixed ownership reform in February 2021.

In June, 2021, the first set of fully mechanized coal mining products in China will be exported.

In July, 2021, CCTV financial channel broadcast "China's first coal mine hydraulic support" in the program "Keepsake Centennial".

In August, 2021, successfully developed 10m super high mining hydraulic support.

In December, 2021, songe Automobile Electric System Co., Ltd. of Zhengmei machinery group was established.
Looking Forward