Automotive Parts Sector

From entry-level products to high-end products, from passenger vehicle applications to commercial vehicle applications, our huge product portfolio is able to meet any demands from the clients worldwide.

With proficient engineering development ability and successful application experience, SEG keeps leading the industry's technological innovation and development. We have always been market-oriented and committed to providing efficient solutions. As early as a century ago, our starters and generators had brought about revolutionary progress for the popularization of automobiles.

Today, as the pioneer of start-stop system and the founder of hybrid power system, we have made the internal combustion engine more efficient and eco-friendlier. Bracing up to break new ground, we aim to develop competitive products and keep leading the development of green driving technologies. We have never forgotten our aspiration: To provide efficient solutions for global energy-conservation and emission-reduction.

The ‘Bosch Vehicle lighting system’ carried with SEG generator was put on the market, inaugurating the electrification of automobiles.
The company was renamed as SEG Automotive.
SEG Automotive became a member of ZMJ Group and SEG’s new plants in Changsha and Changchun were established.
Three product groups are able to meet the demand of clients worldwide.
As the leader in starter motors, generators and 48V hybrid power technologies, SEG Automotive is dedicated to help improve the efficiency of powertrain system. SEG is your desirable global supplier.
Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM)
SEG BRM has been recognized as an EU Eco-Innovation as it helps automobile makers acquire additional carbon credits and cut emissions.
SEG produce generators that meet its clients ever-increasing power demand. They are able to provide stable power supply for the electrical system and realize energy-conservation and emission-reduction.
Starter Motors
SEG’s starter motors are able to function under any extreme conditions, whether to cold start in desert or in freezing tundra, to activate star-stop mode on the expressway or to frequently restart the transport vehicle.

ASIMCO’s business encompasses commercial vehicle sector, passenger vehicle sector, international sector and after-sale service.
Thanks to its cutting-edge product groups, ASIMCO maintains deep and sound collaboration with many China’s major OEMs and engine producers.
ASIMCO is also exploring global market and assisting its international clients with purchase business in China.

American investor Jack Perkowski established
ASIMCO Technologies.
ASIMCO reframed its business portfolio and
turned itself from an investor to a manufacturer.
ASIMCO joined ZMJ Group.
One of China’s leading automotive parts producers
NVH, rubber seals, start-stop motors, starter motors, generators, cylinder blocks and heads, camshafts, piston rings, powdered metal products and valve seats.